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Hello; I'm new to this community (and a bit of a newbie to LJ as well) but I LOVE NOES and Freddy. ^_^

Has anyone read those Black Flame novels?

 I've read Suffer The Children, Dreamspawn, and Protege... they're surprisingly good; although Freddy's darker and more twisted in the novels. Actually, they kind of portray Freddy as what he could have been if the NOES movies had followed the character Wes Craven showed in the first movie.

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I've read "suffer the children" and I LOVED it so much more than I thought I would. I'll have to check the other two out.

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Only the Omnibus is available, which is the first three books in one... sadly, the fourth and fifth aren't in print anymore... >.< I'm trying to see if I can find them SOMEWHERE lol, because I really want to read them.